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At Michael Schmidt Yachtbau, we come from many different backgrounds in the yachting industry worldwide. What unites us is our desire to create something special. For this we also draw on Michael’s deep understanding of sailing and his substantial experience in the industry. His insight is essential as we develop each yacht with unique visions, values, ideas and cultural aspects in mind.


We go to any lengths technically to make our yachts as simple as possi- ble. Our credo is: the simpler the boat, the purer the sailing experience, and the greater the pleasure. This is why our yachts are made to empha- sise the essentials of sailing, while enabling easy handling alone or with company, anywhere in the world. Discover the reliability, safety and com- fort that comes with our ‘keep it simple’ concept of boat building.

As few components as possible, especially electronically driven parts, to minimise breakdown potential and simplify fault finding.

Practical details such as optimising the window arrangement for improved comfort. While large panels of windows enable lovely views, they require constant air conditioning use in hot climates. We have reduced the number and size of windows and hatches in the hull and superstructure without compromising the views from the saloon or the natural light below decks.


A simple boat with good sailing characteristics is essential to experiencing the pure joy of sailing. This is why we use carbon technology for strength, durability and speed. We believe in light displacement, creating a different feel from traditional heavy cruising yachts.

The interior is made of lightweight panels with a finish selected by the client. Modern woodworking technology enables the perfect wood finish for an elegant ambiance.

Good upwind acceleration even in light wind conditions. Higher speeds put cruising grounds that are further afield within reach. It also becomes possible to outrun bad weather, taking full advantage of today’s precise weather information and increasing crew safety.

A lightweight boat is exposed to less stress. Fittings and winches can be smaller, and sail handling is easier.


Every yacht is a new challenge defined by a unique set of requirements. To create a vessel that satisfies both the own- er’s philosophy and ours, we start fresh every time. We bring in top people in every area, from architects to designers, to contribute their expertise for the best possible result. The synergy is exciting to witness, and the product is a perfectly customised answer to the owner’s individual needs and desires. The owner is fully integrated into the planning process, sharing their ideas and helping to evaluate the pros and cons of every solution so we can ensure the yacht provides maximum pleasure.


Lorenzo Argento is responsible for the naval architecture and look of our yachts. Over the last 20 years, Argento was involved in many of the groundbreaking WALLY- projects, including the very first Wally „Wallygator“. His reputation for advanced B-Yachts designs and innovative IMS constructions goes along with his unmistaken sense for Italian style. He now owns his own company Lorenzo Argento Yacht Design in Milano.



Bill Tripp started Tripp Design Naval Architecture in 1984, designing racing boats that reflected a childhood spent on the water sailing in boats his father, William Tripp, Jr., designed. Thirty-three years later, with offices in Connecticut and Amsterdam, Tripp and his team design and engineer state-of-the-art yachts ranging in size op to 86 meters, found racing and cruising the world over.

Bill is an avid sailor whatever the size and endeavors to advance the sport in all its forms; design is a good tool for this. Close collaboration with his clients, his office colleagues, and the build teams throughout the entire creative and realization process; a dynamic exchange of ideas with talented and successful people; these are dreams in and of themselves.












Sir David Chipperfield, world-renowned architect, established his own office in 1985 and has since developed a diverse international body of creative work including cultural, residential, commercial, leisure and civic projects as well as masterplanning exercises. 

With the Brenta 80DC, the award-winning architect integrated his love of design with his love for the sea. An avid sailor himself and owner of a Brenta 42, the hull composition had him inspired from the start and eager to apply his vast architectural experience to the interior.











Mark Tucker is the founder of Design Unlimited and manages this multi-award winning, versatile, dynamic studio.  The studio portfolio is varied and includes both custom superyachts such as WinWin, Pink Gin and MY Mirage  and a wide range of production sailing and motor yachts.

Mark is a passionate sailor himself and enjoys both cruiser sailing and dinghy racing.  His passion for the sea is reflected in the boats he designs and has led to the studio’s reputation as one of the best sailing yacht interior design studios in the world.


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