state-of-the-art construction facility

„This brand-new building reflects the strong ambitions which our yard has set out for the future.“     
Johannes Malzahn | managing director of MSY



„The return to earlier forms and functions follows a very simple rule: the sea has not changed.We revived some traditional details which have worked well for more than 100 years. Craftsmanship is functional, logical and captivates through beauty“       Michael Schmidt



The hull, deck, bulkheads, bottom structure, and floor support grid are built from carbon composite. The only exception is the outer skin of the hull, which is E-glass, being more forgiving at docking manoeuvres. The epoxy has been vacuum-bagged to squeeze out surplus resin and achieve a fully controlled saturation of all fibers. The structure has been post-cured in a full-size oven



The carbon rigg was manufactured by Axxon Composites in advanced technologies : pre-preg carbon, autoclave curing, female tooling. The mast is 35 meters high with three spreaders angled aft at 20 degrees.  Sails were delivered by Northsails



With Sir David Chipperfield we have chosen an architect who had new ideas from other sources, but is a keen sailor and understands the necessity of a seaworthy interior. All the interior has been made from lightweight foam-cored panels, either covered with carbon and white paint or covered with selected veneers from oak or walnut



We kept the boat as simple as possible, equipped with all necessities. Maintenance was minimized by avoiding gimmicks and irrelevant details. Over decades we have learned about reliable components and trustworthy suppliers to ensure good after-sales service


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