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Newsletter No.3/2017

Cannes boat show 12-17 September 2017

2 novelties at this year’s Cannes boat show.

We have on display the Y|8 Brenta 80 SRD, a WORLD PREMIERE of our 80 footer range. Secondly we will reveal the first images of the new Y|7 our new 70 footer designed by Bill Tripp. Cannes has proven to be the leading in water boat show over the past years with many international visitors. We are proud to showcase our novelties at this show and we are looking forward to meet you at our stand QSP016 & QSP136. For more information or making an appointment please contact Tijl Hetterschijt at thetterschijt@msyachtbau.com or mobile +31-6 57949391

Y|8 Brenta 80 SRD launched
and looking great

Exciting times at the new yard last June as we launched the Y|8 Brenta 80 SRD. The boat has successfully completed her first sea trials and as designed she is offering a superior balance of sailing power and modern luxury. A lightweight displacement of 35.5 tonnes including all the equipment on board is impressive in this size.

The first trips on board also showcased how the direct steering gives a light and very responsive feel on the helm. All who took the helm agreed that the boat sails like a racing boat, only with push-button controls instead of guys on the grinders.

The sea trial crew members weren’t the only ones impressed by this new addition to the MSY fleet. The boat’s 35-metre tall rig with dramatic black sails drew a great deal of attention on the Greifswalder Bodden. In the meanwhile the boat has been handed over to the owner and is sailing in the Mediterranean. Coming Cannes boat show, the boat will make its debut to the public. The boat show organisation has nominated the boat in the top 5 for sailing yachts. Please contact us so we can arrange a private appointment.

Cutting-edge research vessel

Excellent progress is being made at our yard on a fascinating 72 ft explorer, ordered by the Werner Siemens Foundation in Switzerland. When launched in spring 2018, this ultra-clean, wind-powered research vessel will be used by the Max Planck Institute for Science to study water quality in areas as diverse as the polar regions and the tropics.

The boat will carry its own clean seawater intake system and a hybrid engine so that sampling can be conducted without fear of diesel contamination. The vessel will carry a crew of eight people, initially on a one to two year global cruise track, later on seasonal studies in the tropics, subtropics, mid-latitudes and southern ocean.

As sailors ourselves, everyone at Michael Schmidt Yachtbau knows how important the oceans are to our future and we’re proud to play a small part in this vital work.

Bill Tripp designs new Y|7

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Bill Tripp for the design of a 70-foot sailing yacht. This new model is part of our plan to develop a series of smaller semi-custom carbon sailing yachts.

Bill is an avid racer who started Tripp Design Naval Architecture in 1984. Today he and his team design and engineer state-of-the-art yachts, ranking from race boats to the largest sailing superyachts. Close collaboration with the MSY team has resulted in a comprehensive creative process and a dynamic exchange of ideas involving talented people.

We are happy to work with Bill as he has an unsurpassed reputation in the field of fast cruising sailing boats. More information on the new 70 Footer will be revealed at the Cannes Boat Show. We invite you to come and see.


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