›› Having retired from my lifetime career as an international boatbuilder, I started looking around for a boat for myself that combined sophistication with simplicity, speed with user-comfort. Unable to find such a yacht, the only option was to start up a new yard and build one myself. Michael Schmidt Yachtbau (MSY) is the result.‹‹

Michael Schmidt





Michael Schmidt first made a name in the yachting world in the 1970s by winning races all over the world in the small keelboat category. In the 1980s he started building super-light racing boots to compete in the Admiral’s Cup. Champions such as Düsselboot, Pinta, Outsider and Rubin were known for their innovation and bold character, and all became legends in the sailing world. Big innovations with full car- bon racing boats started already in 1982.




1977 C&C yachts in Kiel
1980 New Shipyard Yachtwerft Wedel (Close to Hamburg)
1980 Start Michael Schmidt & Partner Yachtbrokers
1981 First Admiral cup race boat “DüsselBoot”
1982 First Race boat made in Full Carbon “Blaupunkt”
1983 Series of Admiral cup race boats “such as Pinta – Container“
1985 European offices for Michael Schmidt & Partners (Hamble, Palma)
1993 Sale Michael Schmidt & partner Yachtbrokers
1993 Start Hanseyachts
1994 Sale Yachtwerft Wedel
2006 Purchase Fjord Brand
2007 IPO Hanseyachts
2008 Purchase moody Brand
2009 Purchase Dehler Shipyard Freienhol
2011 Sale of Hanseyachts shares
2015 Start Michael Schmidt Yachtbau
2015 Brenta 80 DC Cool Breeze
2016 New Shipyard in Greifswald
2017 Brenta 80 SRD plus explorer
2018 Y7
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